We believe there is an inherent need for content creation for all businesses in today’s fast-paced 15 second attention span environment. But with budgets, schedules, client meetings, and deadlines it’s difficult to have time for your brand’s outward facing image.

At Current, we believe to create connections in today’s culture you have to utilize strategies and tatics to perfect your brand’s digital marketing. We call this the "brand experience" and it's our goal to make your company stand out and be approachable. All whilst following digital trends and staying ahead of what’s coming next.

We are a content creation company first and foremost and our focus is to make your company stand out and be relevant to consumers. We have backgrounds in branding agencies throughout the nation but specialize in digital marketing and social media aspirations. Our passion is to help businesses flourish and partner with them to grow, provide value, and create a brand experience that is second to none.